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We understand that each business is different, which is why we offer a variety of pricing models designed to provide value and adapt to the diverse requirements of our clients. From hourly rates for targeted support to fixed-rate packages for comprehensive services, our goal is to ensure you have clear, upfront information to make the best decision for your business’s financial health. Explore our options and discover how our tailored accounting solutions can align with your budget and business objectives.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Two Pricing Models

Our firm offers two clear pricing options to match your needs: hourly rates for flexible, as-needed support, and fixed rates for predictable, comprehensive service costs. Both models ensure transparency and value, tailored to your business’s financial requirements.

Hourly Rate



 / hour

Great for companies requiring flexible support, providing tailored expertise exactly when you need it.

✓ Flexible Payment Structure
✓ Adjustable Support Levels
✓ Expert Skill Access
✗ Variable Monthly Costs
✗ Limited Immediate Availability

Fixed Rate



 / month

(restrictions apply)

Great for consistent budgeting, ensuring predictable costs for comprehensive accounting services

✓ Predictable Monthly Billing
✓ Comprehensive Service Coverage
✓ Simplified Financial Planning
✓ Stable Budget Management
✓ Efficient Resource Allocation

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